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poaaahn asked: what's your favorite place in which you've had sex? feel free to elaborate.

im trying to think and i cant think of too many special places ive had sex. i had great sex in a bathroom at a gay club in amsterdam once. but mostly i just really like sitting on peoples faces ha.

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite way to masturbate?

on my stomach. i like the pressure of something up against my hand while im doing stuff

im kinda sad so if you feel like it you should ask me nsfw questions


huckleberry on her first walk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Grimes performing @ Pitchfork FestivalJuly 20 2014, Chicago, IL.

FKA twigs for Spex Magazine Nr. 354 (Juli/August 2014)

okay internet

what is that anime about a young woman who is a thief or something and is on the run from the cops and specifically from this one cop she knows from her child hood and on the way she saves the blonde little girl from her super religious abusive foster family and they just go on adventures together?

Marissa Alexander denied 'stand your ground' hearing


Marissa Alexander has been denied a new Stand Your Ground hearing. Yet again, Florida refuses to free this survivor of domestic violence, fails to support women’s right to self defense, and continues to support anti-black racism in the judicial system. Her new trial is still scheduled to begin Dec 8th.

Marissa needs your voices and support more than ever!
Standing Our Ground Week of Action is still on!
July 25-Aug 1: LET’S TAKE ACTION!


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